Bootcamp For just £1

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There hasn't been a better time to train outdoors, away from those crowded venues. Enjoying the fresh air, open space and fitness community at Military Fitness Bootcamp.

✅ Most popular Bootcamp in the North East
✅ Supportive fitness community
✅ Suitable for all fitness levels
✅ Achievable results with consistency 
✅ Sessions are outdoors, fresh air and lots of space and lots of equipment.

To get you on your way to being fitter, more active and healthier, we are offering your 1st 5 sessions for just £5 That's £1 per session 😃 

Join our fitness community and keep fit in the outdoors. We truly accommodate all fitness levels and provide a training environment without judgement or ego.


*This offer can not be taken up more than once per person. 

  • 5 SESSIONS £5

    One time offer of 5 SESSIONS £5
    • One time offer only