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Keeping warm for sessions

As the winter sets in it is important to keep as comfortable as possible during our training sessions. Using layers will allow for maximum comfort, whilst allowing layers to be taken off as you warm up.

Layer 1: Baselayer

This is the first layer it keeps a pocket of air between your skin and the layer, which warms up. It should be made from dry wick material that absorbs sweat and dries faster. Our bootcamp training tops are made from this material and are extremely durable.

Layer 2: Midlayer

This should be thicker than the baselayer and be made from wool or polyester.

Layer 3: Jacket

A thick warm puffer jacket that traps heat is ideal.

Layer 4: Outer shell

This is used to protect from rain so this should be waterproof.


And I'll say it again GLOVES

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