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Alice May


I'm Alice, a passionate fitness enthusiast and coach with a mission to inspire and empower individuals to reach their full potential. At 32 years old, I discovered my passion for fitness, which transformed my life both physically and mentally.

With a background that once lacked interest in fitness, I understand the challenges many individuals face when starting their fitness journey. However, through my own personal experience, I have realized the incredible benefits that come from embracing a healthy lifestyle.

My true passion lies in witnessing the growth of others' confidence through training. There's nothing more fulfilling to me than seeing individuals push their limits, break through barriers, and achieve their goals. I firmly believe that physical strength is intertwined with mental resilience, and I strive to help others develop both through my coaching.

Music has always been a significant part of my life, and I love and have always loved playing the guitar, piano, and singing. It's another avenue for self-expression and allows me to tap into my creative side. You can usually expect a quirky playlist on my sessions!

Alice May
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