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  • What is a fitness bootcamp
    A fitness bootcamps are a group fitness program conducted in an outdoor and indoor settings settings, led by certified fitness instructors. It combines various types of exercises such as cardio, strength training, flexibility, and agility drills to provide a full-body workout.
  • Who can join our fitness bootcamp sessions
    Our bootcamp is designed for individuals of all fitness levels and abilities. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, our instructors tailor the exercises to accommodate everyone.
  • What should I expect during a typical session?
    Each session typically begins with a warm-up followed by a series of circuit-style workouts incorporating bodyweight exercises, resistance training, and cardio drills. Sessions may also include partner exercises, team challenges, and cooldown stretches.
  • What if I have specific fitness goals?
    Our instructors are experienced in helping individuals achieve their fitness goals, whether it's weight loss, muscle toning, improved endurance, or overall health and wellness. We provide personalized guidance and modifications to support your individual needs.
  • What should I bring to a session?
    We recommend bringing a water bottle, towel, gloves in the winter, and comfortable workout attire suitable for either an outdoor or indoor session.
  • What if I have injuries or physical limitations?
    Safety is our top priority. Please inform the instructor of any injuries or physical limitations before the session begins. Our instructors will provide alternative exercises or modifications to accommodate your needs and ensure a safe workout experience.
  • What are the benefits of our outdoor bootcamps?
    Exercising outdoors offers numerous benefits including exposure to natural sunlight and fresh air, which can boost mood and energy levels. Outdoor workouts also provide a change of scenery and opportunities to connect with nature while improving physical fitness.
  • How often should I attend sessions?
    The frequency of attendance depends on your fitness goals and schedule. We recommend attending sessions at least 2-3 times per week to see noticeable improvements in strength, endurance, and overall fitness.
  • Can I try a session before committing to a membership?
    Yes, we offer trial sessions for newcomers to experience our fitness bootcamp firsthand before committing to a membership. Contact us to schedule a trial session and see if our program is the right fit for you. If you would like to attend a free trial session, email
  • How do I sign up for a fitness bootcamp outdoors?
    Signing up is easy! Visit our website or contact us directly to inquire about membership options, schedule, and availability. We're here to support you on your fitness journey and look forward to welcoming you to our outdoor bootcamp community! We have a first month for £10 offer. sign up at and enter discout code 1MONTH10 at checkout
  • When are your sessions
    Monday: 6:30pm at Eastbourne sports Complex Tuesday: 6:30am at Sporting Force Wednesday: 6:30pm at Eastbourne sports Complex Thursday: 6:30am at Sporting Force Friday: 9:30am at Sporting Force Friday: 6:00pm at Sporting Force Saturday: 8:00am at Southpark
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