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Sean O'Connell


Sean is a passionate fitness enthusiast with a zest for an active lifestyle. Whether he's pounding the pavement on his morning run, pumping iron at the gym, or competing in various sports, Sean's commitment to physical fitness is nothing short of inspiring.

Sean serves his community as a dedicated member of the local authority. As part of his role as a "Move More Officer," he tirelessly advocates for the importance of physical activity in our daily lives. Sean understands that in today's busy world, finding time for fitness can be a challenge. That's why he's on a mission to show people how to integrate sports and exercise seamlessly into their routines.

Sean firmly believes in the balance between work and play. He knows that a well-rounded lifestyle is the key to long-term health and happiness. Through his work and personal example, Sean encourages others to prioritize their well-being by staying active, even in the midst of hectic schedules.Join Sean on his journey to promote a healthier, more active community and discover how you too can make fitness a part of your everyday life. Get ready to move more, live better, and embrace the benefits of an active lifestyle with Sean as your coach!

Sean O'Connell
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